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Archived episodes are below.

   C&G Audio Vol. 31: Prof. Steve Willis on the Religious Rights of Corporations   
  C&G Audio Vol. 30: Mike Schutt on Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral  
  C&G Audio Vol. 29: CLS Exec. Dir. David Nammo  
  C&G Audio Vol. 28: Connecting Lawyers & Law Students  
  C&G Audio Vol. 27: Steve Hinkle on Imagination in Religious Discourse on Campus  
  C&G Audio Vol. 26: Mike Schutt to Law Students on Dualism, Sloth, Pride & Drudgery  
  C&G Audio Vol. 25: Hank Tarlton on Witnessing Communities of Law Students  
  C&G Audio Vol. 24: Dave Pritchett on Small Town, Not-so-Ordinary Law Practice  
  C&G Audio Vol. 23: John Terrill on Theology, Business & Integrity  
  C&G Audio Vol. 22: Kristine Cummings on Colloborative Practice  
  C&G Audio Vol. 21: Trinity Law Dean Steeves & Prof. Kall  
  C&G Audio Vol. 20: Richard Leiter on Libraries, the Digital Age and the Future  
  C&G Audio Vol. 19: A Dialogue with Louis Hensler on the State  
  C&G Audio Vol. 18: Craig Stern on Creation, Justice, and Jurisdiction  
  C&G Audio Vol. 17: Hindman and Crosthwait on Reading Old Stuff  
  C&G Audio Vol. 16: What will Martinez mean for student groups?  
  C&G Audio Vol. 15: J Mark Bertrand on Crime Fiction  
  C&G Audio Vol. 14: Andy Toles on Client Relationships to the Glory of God  
  C&G Audio Vol. 13: Lead Counsel, Kim Colby on CLS v. Martinez  
  C&G Audio Vol. 12: Prof. Bill Brewbaker on Christian Legal Theory  
  C&G Audio Vol. 11: Randy Sims on Leadership  
  C&G Audio Vol. 10: Late Night in the CLS Law Student Suite  
  C&G Audio Vol. 09: Charlize Theron, Job and Integrity  
  C&G Audio Vol. 08: Dell Cook on Humor, Cynicism and Hope  
  C&G Audio Vol. 07: The Lawyer's Calling Part III - Integrity  
  C&G Audio Vol. 06: What's a Criminal Trial For?  
  C&G Audio Vol. 05: The Lawyer's Calling Part II  
  C&G Audio Vol. 04: The Purpose of Campus Fellowships  
  C&G Audio Vol. 03: Christian Calling and Criminal Defense with JT Borah  
  C&G Audio Vol. 02: Christian Law Students on Campus  
  C&G Audio Vol. 01: Introduction/American Legal Education and the Christian Lawyer  
























Law Students


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Of particular interest to law students:
Cross & Gavel - Volume 4
Dan Kim and Mike Schutt discuss the importance of engaging the law school campus-- and whether it helps to have a CLS law student chapter.
Cross & Gavel Audio - Volume 14
Schutt interviews CLS member Andy Toles, who talks about the lawyer-client relationship in light of our Christian calling.  Andy has some amazing insight into the role of the Christian lawyer.

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