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The Christian Legal Society has contacts at over 130 law schools across the United States. Every year each fellowship updates with our office and designates two "Key contacts" who are granted access to our fall resource packets, bibles studies, etc.

If you would like to be put in touch with a fellowship or if you are a part of a fellowship on campus and would like to update with us please contact the LSM office at or (703) 642-1070 Ext. 201.

Law Students


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Of particular interest to law students:
Cross & Gavel - Volume 4
Dan Kim and Mike Schutt discuss the importance of engaging the law school campus-- and whether it helps to have a CLS law student chapter.
Cross & Gavel Audio - Volume 14
Schutt interviews CLS member Andy Toles, who talks about the lawyer-client relationship in light of our Christian calling.  Andy has some amazing insight into the role of the Christian lawyer.

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