September 2016
David Nammo, CLS Executive Director & CEO
CLS Colorado Springs Gathering
Colorado Springs, CO
 Sept. 18

CLS Leadership Dinner
 University of Denver School of Law
  Denver, CO
 Sept. 20

CLS Southern California Gathering
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Sept. 24

CLS Leadership Dinner 
University of San Diego School of Law 
San Diego, CA
Sept. 27 
Mike Schutt, CLS Director of Attorney/Law Student Ministries
Texas A&M Law School Executive Team
 Sept. 1 

CLS Student Chapter
Baylor Law School
CLS Memphis Attorney Chapter 
Sept. 15 
Memphis Law Student Chapter
Sept. 16 
Australasian Christian Lawyers Conference
Brisbane, Australia
Sept. 27-30 
Ken Liu, CLS Director of Legal Aid
Good Samaritan Advocates Attorney Training
Loudoun Co., VA
Sept. 10 
Silicon Valley Christian Legal Aid Online Attorney Training
Sept. 13
The Salvation Army Legal Commission Meeting National Headquarters,
Alexandria, VA
Sept. 22







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