The Center for Law & Religious Freedom

America’s oldest Christian advocacy ministry for religious freedom, the Center for Law and Religious Freedom argues high impact cases and advises Congress on vital legislation to protect religious freedom. 

Since 1980, the Center has worked on hundreds of court cases, legislative initiatives, and influential publications concerning religious freedom. The Center has represented Christian students denied the right to meet for prayer and Bible study at their high schools, including the first case heard by the Supreme Court on the issue.  The Center was also instrumental in Congress’s passing the Equal Access Act to protect the right of public school students to meet for prayer and Bible study at school.

Today the Center advocates on behalf of not only religious student groups, but also faith-based social services, religious educational institutions, and pro-life health care providers.

Legal Accomplishments   For over 30 years, the Center has been a passionate yet measured voice for religious liberty in the courts, legislatures, and executive branch.
Articles   Review insightful articles written by CLS members and staff.
Press Releases    Visit our archive of Press Releases to fully understand the scope of our impact on religious liberty.
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Helpful Resources

The Center's Resources page provides access to a wide variety of helpful scholarship on issues related to the Center's mission.  From here you can access briefs, law review articles by leading First Amendment scholars, congressional testimony and reports, and publications on critical religious liberty issues.  Please peruse information on the following topics:

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