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11/14/14 - FedSoc Panel

CLS's Center for Law & Religious Freedom Director Kim Colby spoke on the religious liberty panel at the Fed Soc national conference.  See the video here>>

11/13/14 - CLS Legal Aid Prayer Call

CLS Christian Legal Aid ministry held its monthly prayer call for CLA leaders and volunteers across the country.

11/13/14 - CLS Devotional

The CLS bi-weekly devotional emailed today.  The title of today's devotional:  Work:  How Much Is Too Much?  See it here >>

10/27/14 - CLS Files Bronx Household Brief

CLS filed a brief representing thousands of New York City Christian and Jewish congregations, asking the Supreme Court to allow religious congregations to meet in school facilities like other groups.  Our brief is here>>

10/21/14 - CLS Files HHS Comments

CLS files comments with HHS to protect for profit religious employers.  See our letter here>>

CLS National Conference

Oct. 2 - 5, 2014
CLS members, lawyers, law students, legal aid practitioners, and friends gathered in Boston for the CLS national conference to hear speakers (Prof. Robert George, John Stonestreet, Andy Crouch, and Russ Moore), attend workshops, and fellowship.

9/22/14 - Church Sign Brief

CLS filed a brief today in Reed v. Gilbert before the U.S. Supreme Court, defending the right of a chuch to post signs inviting others to their services.  Click here for the brief >> 

9/10/14 - Pro-Life Brief

CLS joined a pro-life brief in the Young v. UPS case before the Supreme Court, supporting accommodations for pregnant women in the workplace. The brief is here >>

9/8/14 - Legislative Briefing

CLRF Director Kim Colby briefed congressional staffers about the importance of RFRA and the legislative attempts to threaten religious liberty.  Handout is here >>

8/28/14 - Legal Aid Quarterly Call

The Christian Legal Aid ministry of CLS held their quarterly call.  The topic this quarter was Homeless Court programs.

8/28/14 - New Hampshire Win

The New Hampshire Supreme Court upheld school choice, including religious schools, for low-income families.  CLS filed on behalf of over two dozen religious schools in the case.

8/27/14 - EEOC v. Abercrombie

CLS joined a brief in EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch supporting workplace religious freedom.

8/25/14 - National Conference Registration Deadline

The early bird registration fee ends today, so if you are planning to come to Boston - register today!

8/11/14 - Quarterly CLS Chapter Call

CLS chapter leaders from across the country engaged in the quarterly call to discuss engaging nearby law student chapters and the national conference, among other things.

8/4/14 - Law Student Packets

CLS Law Student Ministries is shipping law student packets (resources, Bible studies, etc.) to CLS chapters and Christian fellowships in law schools across the nation.

8/1/14 - HHS Mandate Briefs

CLS filed two more briefs, in support of religious nonprofits, against the HHS Mandate - one in the 3rd Circuit and one in the 11th Circuit.





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